Saturday, May 16, 2009



  1. I think pretty much anything Japanese qualifies as a "WTF?!"

  2. I'm soooo glad I don't know what they're saying.

  3. I was a bit disturbed by that and had to learn more. I'm glad I did because this song, written in 2001, is prophetic. Not only does it predict our political future, but it foretells the final season of Lost.

    Think about these translated lyrics:

    We've got recession these days,
    In goverment we've no faith.
    Could we hit "reset," that'd be number one!
    And since we're all here, it's just so much fun!

    Perhaps the lines . . .

    Long as we've one leaf on, we're doin' fine!
    Hey, we're lucky just 'cause we're alive!

    . . . is exactly what the Island is.

  4. Ha! We could all learn something from the japanese.

  5. Oh and one more thing. I discovered this music video back when I was in high school and look it up occasionally. Never knew the lyrics! But I do love the song, you can't be sad and listen to it at the same time.