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How to Catch a Hipster

Someone is setting Hipster Traps in NYC. According to Gawker:

This "hipster trap"—baited with Pabst Blue Ribbon, American Spirits, a bike chain and neon-pink Wayfarers—was photographed by Reddit user gigaface, who encountered the fauxhemian hunter in New York City. Before you object to the choices of bait, remember that having any opinion at all about hipsters or their taste preferences automatically renders you a hipster. (The trap itself, according to gigaface, is made of cardboard.)

My question is, what would you do with a Hipster once you catch one?

Speaking of Hipsters, Hitler has become cool in the web comic Hipster Hitler. He listens to Arcade Führer and judges you when you use a font other than Heilvetica.

Finally, my current guilty pleasure on Twitter is following the Hipster Dalek.

The Hipster Dalek responded to the hipster trap above by saying,

And issues taunts like,

And reads books like,

And is working on his memoirs but,

So, are hipsters still hipsters when they become mainstream?