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Who would win?

I bought this original art from the webcomic Max vs. Max off ebay from the artist. click on it to see it larger. I love it because it's nerdy and religious - like me. It will soon be framed and hanging on my wall, and the topic is open for discussion.

MST3K: Introducing Splint Chesthair, Flint Ironstag, Bolt Vanderhuge, Thick McRunfast, Buff Drinklots, Stump Beefknob

Monday, August 16, 2010


None of the other children ever found Harriet during hide-n-seek.

The Mighty Brak

Lost TV Show of the Day: Bigfoot and Wildboy

The is the first of many posts of lost/weird @$$ TV shows of days gone by.

Below is a rip-roaring clip from the show. And a link that they wouldn't let me embed. Enjoy.

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County Law

County Law is Alabama's version of COPS, and some people get excited to see their siblings arrested on camera.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scariest Image Ever

A bit of a warning. This is an extremely frightening image. This picture is not suitable for persons of a nervous disposition, children or the elderly. Caution is advised.

And remember....once you see can never un-see it. I would suggest only looking for a brief moment then quickly close the window.


Hippies Mourning Fallen Trees

Wait.. did she say that the rock was alive?