Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chewin The Fat

Sorry. I have posted clips from this tv show before but I really love it. Listen hard to the interpreter. If you can understand it, it is hilarious.
Below the clip are a few of the comments people posted about it and each other on YouTube. I had to censor some of it. All of this just makes me want to go to Scotland even more.

Can someone please tell me - who are "the Neds"?

I'm glaswegian, and I can say that YES chavs & neds are basicly the same... They are both groups of alcoholics, smokers, drug-abusers, violent and brainless people. THey have no respect for evers and the only thing on their mind is violence, sex, drugs, alcohol and so on. NEDS = Non Educated Delinquent Schemies. Chavs... basicly just the same except their english, what can I say. I hate both.

:( i still can't understand it :(

I think the word yer looking for is 'Vernacular'Let's all agree that yer aw a shower of fannies for arguing on youtube in the first place.

dae ye membur sunny delites ther tha best bludy drinks mahn luv thm i liv in nz nw its
CENSORED crakn mahn

Haw You Ya Dirty Smelly Loworder
CENSORED Chavs N Neds Urny The Same so Get Tae CENSORED An Away hame tae yer mammy before i ah shove ma boot so far up your arse they'll be thinkin doc martes startit makin hats

ur talkin
CENSORED ya english CENSORED. chavs nd neds r no the same. (and am NO A NED!!!!)

english dnt now anything aboot comedy

gonnie no dae that
just gonie no

Aye lucid magik quality man. made thee lmfao too;)

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